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Would you like to bring a guest along with you during your cruise ship booking? Most cruise ships allow this at a minimal expense. You must complete a guest request and submit it at least 30 days in advance of your cruise in order for it to be approved.

    Please follow these directions:
  • Read the information below
  • Download the appropriate form (found below)
  • Complete and Sign the form
  • Save the completed form as a PDF
  • Complete the online form below
  • Attach a copy of your guest's passport
  • Attach a copy of the completed form
  • Submit

Please use an online service to complete the form and save as a PDF. Cruise lines are not always accepting photos of hand written documents.
Here is an online service for completing your form online, and it is free.

Guest Requests

Most cruise lines will allow you to bring a guest. They have specific guidelines and restrictions. You will need to fill out a Guest Request Form and submit it well in advance of your booking.

Royal Caribbean Guest Request Policies

You will be given cruise privileges for one (1) guest in your stateroom, if the stateroom berthing can accommodate said guest. Guests will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements, all associated travel costs and onboard gratuities. Any additional staterooms needed must be booked through the reservations department at current guest rates.

• Pregnant Guests: A physician's Fit to Travel note stating that they are in good health, not a high risk pregnancy, and not entering the 24th week is required. If pregnant guests have entered, or will be entering, their 24th week before or during the cruise, they will be unable to travel.

• Infants: Infants sailing on a cruise must be at least 6 months old as of the first day of the cruise and/or CruiseTour. For transatlantic, transpacific, Hawaii, select South American and other selected cruises and/or CruiseTours, the infant must be at least 12 months old as of the first day of the cruise/CruiseTour. For the purposes of this policy, any cruise that has 3 or more days consecutive at sea will require infants to be 12 months old on the first day of the cruise/CruiseTour.

• Minors: You are responsible for ensuring that any minor traveling with you is supervised by an adult, at all times. Appropriate arrangements must be made and be in place in advance of any rehearsals, performances, etc…

IMPORTANT: Guest request approvals are extended based on availability and stateroom capaciy. We will make every effort to secure berthing for your guest, but business needs may require the company to change or retract this confirmation up until time of departure. Therefore, all "Confirmations" are to be considered conditional, and you are strongly encouraged to take this into consideration when purchasing air, excursions, hotel, tour packages, as the Company will not be responsible for any charges associated with this transaction.

The Company (Princess and P&O UK/AU) offers Guest Entertainers the benefit of having one guest travel with them onboard in their cabin. These conditions are also described in the Guest Entertainer Manual (see Appendix A) provided to each Guest Entertainer upon assignment.

ELIGIBILITY To be eligible for this benefit the Guest Entertainer must be on an assigned contract and performing services on a Princess cruise ship. Additionally:

Staff not recommended for re-hire or who have received disciplinary warning(s) during the most recent contract is not permitted to travel as a guest of any Guest Entertainer at any time; and

Crew working on the same vessel as the Guest Entertainer is not permitted to travel as a guest of the Guest Entertainer, for the purpose of extending their time on the ship, immediately following the end of his/her contract on that vessel; and

Children, under the age of 18, are not permitted to travel as a guest; and

Requests for travel must be received no later than 30-days prior to sailing date.


All GENT guests must provide the required immigration documents, as well as acknowledge the on-line Boarding agreement, waiving all claims of whatever nature and indemnifying the Company in respect of their travel, before being provided a boarding pass.


GENT guests will be required to stay in the same accommodations as the Guest Entertainer, with the Guest Entertainer, for the full duration of the cruise. No alterations will be made to the cabin to accommodate the GENT guest.

GENT guests may enjoy the same benefits as other passengers, including the use of the public dining rooms, showrooms, lounges, pools, etc. The GENT guest is expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior when in the presence of other passengers. If there is a question regarding what is considered appropriate, then the Guest Entertainer should speak with the ship’s Cruise Director for guidance. The Guest Entertainer is responsible for the GENT guest’s conduct at all times.

GENT guests are not eligible for shipboard discounts, and are expected to pay full price in passenger dining rooms and bars, laundry facilities, etc. The financial arrangements, such as the discounted fares of GENT guests, should not be discussed with other passengers.


The Company will not be liable for any medical treatment or medically-related transportation costs incurred during a GENT guest’s travel. The Guest Entertainer must ensure that his/her GENT guest has insurance coverage before embarkation, and proof of insurance may be required prior to embarkation. If insurance coverage is not available, then the GENT guest will be responsible for all charges.

For safety reasons a GENT guest who is pregnant must have a written statement from a treating physician to state she is fit to sail for the anticipated duration of her cruise. Additionally, the Company cannot permit a GENT guest in the third trimester to sail.

Medical treatment and/or prescription medications provided to GENT guests will be charged at the full passenger rate.


It is important to remember that the Guest Entertainer has a job to perform on the ship; thus hosting a GENT guest must not interfere with the Guest Entertainer’s work routine. All

GENT guests are considered representatives of Princess and are expected to exercise good judgment and behave in a professional manner at all times, subject to Captains Standing Orders governing normal conduct and behavior when onboard. The following are some guidelines and examples, but they should not be considered exhaustive:

Following the standard passenger dress code in all common areas and dining rooms; and Behaving in accordance with the Company’s Code of Conduct; and Comply with all safety instruction (i.e. Muster Drills) upon joining the ship; and

GENT guests are strictly prohibited from discussing any confidential information regarding Princess, including the terms or fares of the employee cruise and travel programs and any onboard discounts. Because participants have the privilege of traveling at a reduced rate, they may not discuss their rates with third parties, including other passengers or outside travel agencies.

Any misconduct (including, but not limited to: excessive drinking, loud or obnoxious behavior, property damage, arguing with or physical confrontations with guests or crew members, or nonpayment of bills) on the part of any participant, will not be tolerated.

GENT guests must travel in the cabins assigned to the Guest Entertainer. Switching cabins and/or assigned cabin companions is strictly prohibited.

When traveling on any Princess ship, GENT guests must remember that they are passengers, not crew. GENT guests may travel through crew areas, for the purpose of going to and from their assigned cabin, and loitering in crew areas, such as the Crew Recreation Room or fraternizing with the crew is strictly prohibited.

GENT guests should not make requests for special treatment or discounts or other inappropriate requests.

Any complaints about onboard services should be referred to the Hotel General Manager onboard in a polite and professional manner.

GENT guests must pay their onboard account in full before disembarkation. Any bill dispute should be addressed with the Finance Manager in a polite and professional manner. If a dispute cannot be immediately resolved, the GENT guest should pay the bill and then the Guest Entertainer should contact FB Benefits If any method of payment for onboard services is declined and the issue is not immediately reconciled, the Guest Entertainer will assume responsibility for the charges, and may result in loss of benefits.

GENT guests are permitted to gamble in the passenger Casino. However, they are not allowed to play bingo or participate in any other casino/gaming-related passenger or crew events.


The Guest Entertainer must personally submit a GENT application so that it is received no less than 30 days prior to the date of requested travel. Applications received in less than 30 days will be denied. No exceptions.

Applications are available through the Guest Entertainer’s employment agency (if offshore) and in the Crew Office while onboard the vessel. Applications must be completed in full, and then scanned and sent via email to the Entertainment GENT In-Box, for processing. The subject line must indicate the type of GENT making the request for appropriate routing:

Production GENTs

Upon approval by both the ship and the Shoreside Entertainment Department, the Guest Entertainer will be notified via email communication from FB Benefits of the approval. Denials will also be sent, via email, to the GENT if a request is denied. This will be done by the Crew Office for shipboard requests, and by Human Resources: Employee Services, for Shoreside requests. For all request updates, please contact

The Company is not responsible for guest visas, air, transfers or hotel arrangements nor will the Company accept requests for arranging travel. The Company also reserves the right to refuse any application for guest travel. If the port agent is willing to arrange transportation/accommodations for the GENT guest, then the GENT guest must pay the port agent directly for those services, at the time services are rendered.

For step by step instructions for completing a GENT application see Appendix A.


Once a request for GENT travel has been approved, the GENT guest will be invited to provide additional information in Cruise Personalizer. Immigration data, as well as full payment for the cruise, must be submitted through the Cruise Personalizer portal before boarding passes are issued. A GENT guest will be unable to embark the voyage without a boarding pass. The fare will be USD $15.00/day plus appropriate tax fees and port expenses.

The Guest Entertainer assumes all responsibilities for payment of the GENT guest’s folio. In the event the folio is not settled by the conclusion of the sailing, then the Guest Entertainer agrees to a deduction from his/her shipboard account to cover the cost of the GENT guest’s folio charges. The Guest Entertainer will also be responsible for paying any fees associated with insufficient funds or declined credit card charges.

GENT guests are expected to make the normal gratuities to their cabin steward, dining room waiters and assistant waiters at the recommended passenger rate of $11.50 per day, at the end of the cruise. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in suspension or loss of benefits.


A Guest Entertainer may lose GENT travel benefits under the following conditions: Extending travel to friends or relatives of other entertainers or staff to travel Violating the terms for accommodations, as stated in the policy Unresolved payment discrepancies to the GENT guest’s folio Any violation of the terms and conditions stated in the Cruise Personalizer for all passengers

RCCL Guest Request Form - Complete the online form at the bottom of this page or click the link below to complete the form online.

Complete RCCL Guest Request Form Online

Princess Guest Request Form - PDF Document  (click to open)

Complete Princess Guest Request Form Online

Do not send the form directly to the cruise line. Always send the form to:
Guest will share the performer cabin. Note that some performer cabins will only have one bed.