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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is to cover your medical expenses and other travel related issues when you are traveling to and from the ship, as well as while you are on the ship.
Travel Insurance can be found in almost every country in the world. Search the internet for "travel medical insurance."

Here are some links to some good companies:

MHG Insurance
Atlas Professional is a good annual policy.

Seven Corners
Wander Frequent Traveler is a good annual policy.

World Nomads
Offers short and long term policies.

Represents multiple companies.
Insurance requirements differ according to the cruise line you are working for. If you work for multiple cruise lines, it's best to purchase a travel insurance policy that meets the requirements of all lines. Here are the requirements for the different cruise lines.

RCCL (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines)
Requires every artist to carry insurance. Here are the requirements:

* Medical coverage must be in excess of $1 Million USD

* Travel insurance through a bank account is NOT acceptable. This is due to the account not having an end date. The cruise line can never be 100% sure that you haven’t cancelled your card so the travel insurance has lapsed.

* Travel insurance cannot be part of US medical insurance. This has to be a separate policy. A medical insurance card is not sufficient. * Travel Insurance must be an annual multi trip policy unless discussed with us before purchase.

* The insurance documents must have a policy schedule page and a policy summary. The policy schedule page must have your name and the expiry date of the policy. The policy summary must have the amounts of coverage that is included with your policy.

* The policy must be in English. No documents in other languages will be accepted.

Princess Cruise Lines
Does not require travel insurance at this time.

NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines), Oceania, Regent, Seven Seas Cruise Lines
Starting January 1, 2022, requires all artists to carry specific insurance as follows:

In order to ensure consistency under the NCLH umbrella, beginning January 1, 2022 all OCI and RSSC Guest Entertainers are required to purchase their medical insurance from MHG Insurance Brokers. This allows corporate medical to interact with one company for all Guest Entertainer related claims.

Go directly to and/or to purchase your preferred policy plan.

A $1 MILLION USD major medical benefit is recommended.

The lines now have very stringent health and safety checks which include a monthly audit on all guest entertainers. The cruise lines have a duty to care for you and as such must ensure that you are correctly insured to travel. You may not be required to have travel insurance if you are on the "crew list", meaning that you have a longer term engagement of over 30 days.

Please remember that this is not just for the benefit of the cruise line, travel insurance is there to protect YOU. If you have an accident you may end up spending thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars without the coverage of travel medical insurance.

If you are not sure whether you need to purchase travel insurance or what your options are, please get in touch with us as early as possible so that we can determine what is required. If you are unable to purchase a policy, let us know, and we will purchase the policy for you and deduct the cost from your income.

If you are in doubt as to whether the travel insurance you are considering is the correct type of policy, please contact us and send a description of the policy before purchasing.

You must provide a "Coverage Letter" showing the dates and amounts of your insurance coverage.

Click Here to see what a "Coverage Letter" looks like. (PDF will open in a new tab)

You will not get a contract to work on the ship, or if you already have a contract you will not be allowed to join the ship. If you are on the ship and it is discovered that you have no travel insurance, your contract will be cancelled and you will disembark at the next port and travel home at your own expense.

We will not be able to book any act that does not have valid travel insurance. So ultimately, no valid travel insurance no bookings!

Always print out and carry all of your insurance documents with you when you travel.