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Travel Reimbursement For Cruise Ship Performers

Travel Reimbursement

Some cruise lines will reimburse you for certain travel expenses. You will need to save the original receipts from all of your travel and complete a "travel reimbursement form." The original receipts and the form must be mailed by regular postal service to the address provided on the form. (Princess will accept scanned receipts by email.)

Once received, your request will approved or disapproved, and if approved you will receive a check for your expenses.
2.1 Fill out one Expense reimbursement form for each individual contract. Make sure to include the name of your act, the details of the offer (dates and the ship name) and the details of the expense (dates when expense occurred and the nature of the expense). Form must be filled type written.

2.2 Scotch tape your original receipts to a blank piece of paper in chronological order. Make sure to separate your receipts per offer and write down the details of the offer on each page.

2.3. If paid in a currency other than US dollars, please make sure to include the print out of the exchange rate for the date the expense occurred from

2.4. Make sure to submit your expense reimbursement requests no later than 1 month after expense has occurred.
Celebrity Travel Policy

As always, you must retain your ORIGINAL RECEIPTS in order to be reimbursed for any expenses. There is absolutely no exception to this.

No original receipt = no reimbursement.

There are two options for reimbursement:

1. Being reimbursed on board by submitting your receipts to the stage and production manager.
2. Sending receipts to our London office. Follow the directions on the form below.

  • Celebrity Cruise Lines will cover all costs associated with travel from the Entertainer’s home airport to the ship and from the ship back to the home airport. Transportation cost between the entertainers home/airport/train/bus are the responsibility of the entertainer.

  • Food allotment is $60 per person (in the act) per travel day.

  • We do not prearrange ground transportation. Arrangements are the responsibility of the Entertainer, however will be reimbursed as long as the expense falls within in the guidelines provided.

  • The use of transportation via the port agent should not be used, unless pre-authorized by the corporate office or shipboard team due to country restrictions.

  • When arranging ground transportation to the ships, the lowest cost means of transportation will be the approved benchmark for reimbursement. For example, in Warnemunde, there is a train that costs approximately €50 that takes you directly to the port. The maximum ground transportation reimbursement for Warnemunde will be €50. If the entertainer’s preferred mode of transportation costs more than the benchmark, we will only reimburse up to that amount. When booking flights, please be sure to account for travel time from airport to port via the different modes of transportation.

  • Obtaining any and all visas needed to travel to/from the ship are the responsibility of the entertainer. Celebrity Cruise Lines does not reimburse cost related to travel visas, passports or any other such related documents.

  • Custom fees or port entry taxes will be reimbursed. Must provide original receipt.

  • For reimbursements of any travel day related expenses, Entertainers must provide original receipts for all expenses through one of the two methods of reimbursement listed below:

  • Onboard – the entertainer can work directly with the Stage & Production Manager to process payment if the time allows.

    Original receipts can be submitted to our corporate office for reimbursement. Original receipts must be sent to attn: Estela Monjiote 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132. Please allow two weeks to process once received.
    (DiMuzio/Blackburn artists please use the address at the top of this section and mail receipts directly to Blackburn International.)

  • Please note that expenses without an original receipt can’t be processed for reimbursement.

  • For agents with access to book flights through Concur, Concur must be used.

  • If you are not able to find the necessary flight accommodations via Concur, you need to ask and receive written approval before booking with a different site.
    Flights must be booked at least seven days prior to the week of travel
    If flights are booked without approval, reimbursement will not be processed

  • Hotels must be requested at least seven days prior to the week of travel.

  • Celebrity will provide hotel accommodations with a minimum 3-Star rating.

  • We consider and review all hotel ratings, customer feedback and travel website reviews to ensure safety, quality and proximity for the Entertainer.

  • Hotels booked by agent/act without approval from Celebrity Cruises will not be reimbursed.
Scan all receipts and use the form below to submit the receipts.


Occasionally Guest Entertainers may incur additional expenses while traveling or preparing for a contract.

All foreseeable reimbursements (visas, cargo and shipping) must be pre-approved and documented (typically via email) to be eligible for reimbursement.

While traveling, it is the Guest Entertainer’s responsibility to be aware of the travel itinerary and to utilize the contact information in the Joining Documents. Should the entertainer incur expenses, a phone call and an email notification should be sent to the representing agent as soon as possible.

All expenses must be invoiced directly to the Corporate Office. Reimbursements will not be made onboard the vessels. Please do not send invoices through the vessels, even if the vessel offers. Please do not fill out a crew incident expense form.

Invoices will be paid at the discretion of Princess Cruises.


Any expenses incurred by a Guest of Guest Entertainer
Animal inspections, animal vaccinations
Human Vaccinations (Yellow Fever, etc)
Meals (when not transshipping between Princess vessels)
Ground transfers between home and airport
Passports and seaman's books
Lost or delayed luggage


Hotel and/or flights when required for contract but not provided and/or paid for by the Company Excess baggage incurred traveling with items required for on board performances only (props, animals, musical equipment, etc.) / no personal items
Air freight for items required for on board performances only (props, animals, musical equipment, etc.) / no personal items / Air freight expenses must be pre-approved by the Corporate Entertainment Department
Meals (only when transshipping between Princess vessels) / $55 USD per day maximum
Required Ground Transfers (between airport and hotel, hotel and ship, or airport and ship) if not provided by the Company
Departure taxes/fees
Background checks (Seafarers)


All reimbursements must be submitted and received within 60 days of the expense incurrence. Any expenses received after 60 days will automatically be rejected.

Convert expenses/receipts USD using ( before creating the invoice. Make sure the conversion date is the date the expense was incurred, not the date the invoice is created.

Scan the original receipts to a blank sheet of paper. Multiple receipts can be attached to the same page but they may not overlap. All attachments must be in PDF format.

Invoices will be paid at the discretion of Princess Cruises if any of the above requested information is missing

You'll have to take care of getting yourself to the airport, pay for your food and incidentals and other everyday costs associated with travel.

You may have to pay the airlines for extra baggage or overweight baggage.

Follow These Links And Complete The Forms As Directed

Guest Entertainer Expense Form - FOR ALL CRUISE LINES DURING COVID-19 CRISIS